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*YouTube channel「空手の合気・合気の空手」を公開中!


●We are releasingKarate of Aiki, Aiki of Karateon YouTube.

Introducing close fighting techniques which are fused Gojuryu-Karate and Daitoryu-Aikijujutsu, which from short distance to long distance. Please subscribe to the channel and have a look.

*トンファー技法の一部を紹介 Introducing some of tonfa techniques on YouTube


●Introducing a part of Tonfa technique : Joint locks and restraint techniques etc. (12 minutes)

*紹介 Introduction


●Oldest Okinawa Koden Goju-ryu dojo in eastern Japan, which was founded in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. We are training the spirit by training the traditional Kata, and physical by training using traditional Okinawa instruments and original weight training. For the purpose of self-defense, we teach the techniques of joint lock, throwing down, and offense-defense at close fight. The 3rd Soke was taught the secret techniques of Daitoryu-Aikijujutsu by master Keisetsu Yoshimaru, and teaches the original techniques 「Senbukai-Shoteigiho using Meotode」. Let's take this oppotunity to become a member of Senbukai. First of all, Please contact us by Email.



●In Okinawa, 70- and 80-year-old karatemen sweat with young people and continue to practice daily training as a long-life martial art. Karate and Kobudo are trained with an emphasis on concentrating Chi to the tiptoe, the fingertips, and the entire body. As a result, the brain is constantly activated to maintain youthful mental and physical health. We think that those who are older than middle age should learn karate and kobudo. We look forward to the participation of everyone. 

*少年・少女のクラス Boys/Girls class


●Focusing on sports Karate, we strive to foster strong children who are polite and concentrated through the guidance of Kata and Kumite. (Videos of Kumite and Kata competitions for boys and girls who were active in sports Karate) 

*女性会員大募集 Recruitment of female members


●Karate requires flexible and powerful movements. Senbukai's original stretch makes the body flexible, and through practice such as Kata and self-defense, it becomes healthy, beautiful and supple. Especially for women, Karate is a very good exercise for beauty and health. First of all, please contact us by Email.

*国際空手道剛柔流泉武会の動画紹介 Promotion Video of Senbukai

出版物 Publications

著作 Book


●BAB Japan has published "Karate of Aiki, Aiki of Karate" by the 3rd Soke Katsuya Izumikawa. This book is a detailed explanation of the secret techniques of Okinawa Koden-Gojuryu and Daitoryu Aiki-jujutsu. You can purchase it at bookstores nationwide or at Amazon



第一巻:「古伝の剛柔流空手・三戦・転掌編」 アマゾンで購入できます。プロモーションDVDは、YouTubeにアップロードされています。

第二巻:「古伝の剛柔流空手:カキエ編」 アマゾンで購入できます。プロモーションDVDは、YouTubeにアップロードされています。

●BAB Japan has released Volume 1 and 2 of the DVD.

Volume1:"Koden no Gojuryu Karate:Sanchin/Tensho". You can purchese it at Amazon. Promotion DVD uploaded on YouTube.

Volume2:"Koden no Gojuryu Karate:Kakie". You can purchese it at Amazon. Promotion DVD uploaded on YouTube.

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